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Focusrite ISA428 192kHz A/D Card $ 599.95
Focusrite ISA428 Pre Pack 4-Channel Neve-Style Microphone Pr $ 1699.95

Danish Master Drummer Aage Tanggaard Amazed by Focusrite ISA428

Danish master drummer Aage Tanggaard has spent most of his 50 years immersed in the world of Jazz music. Whether playing, teaching, recording or simply jamming, there’s one name that he just can’t live without in the studio: Focusrite.
Across the last three decades Tanggaard has amassed a credit list that’s as impressive as it is lengthy, littered with such musical heavyweights as Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Dexter Gordon and Clark Terry.

Taught by jazz drumming legend Ed Thigpen and renowned percussionist Michael Carvin, Aage was soon playing in several Danish jazz outfits, such as The Radiojazzgroup, Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band and the NDR Big Band in Hamburg.

But over the years Tanggaard also developed a love of production, spending as much time behind the faders at his Audiophon Recording Studio where he has produced acclaimed album projects for many of the artists he loves.

“When you’ve spent as much time recording music as I have, you know exactly what kind of sound you want. So I need tools around me that can deliver a great sound – which is why I have to have Focusrite in my rack. Right now I’m using two Liquid Channels and a Liquid Mix together, which gives me so much flexibility to tailor my sound as much or as little as I need to.”

“I’m also amazed by the ISA 428 [multi-channel front end]. It’s been a great improvement to my whole creative process, adding a new dimension of quality to the sound. And since unpacking the boxes I’ve not made a single recording or mix without the formidable influence of these beauties!”

“Getting a great, natural sound is an important part of my recording philosophy, and with Focusrite I can achieve that. But with the digital modeling there’s also so much potential to get creative in the studio. Ultimately having access to the sound of so much classic gear at the touch of a button really is a gift from above.”

Focusrite ISA428 4 Channel Professional Studio Microphone Preamp € 1599.95
Focusrite SCARLETT 2i2 Stunning USB Audio Interface
Focusrite's new stunning Scarlett 2i2 audio interface is now available everywhere, featuring exceptional audio quality, ultimate simplicity and stunning design. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a 2-in/2-

Focusrite Studio USB Soundcard SCARLETT 8i6 18i6 Now Available
Focusrite's hot new SCARLETT series of USB Studio Soundcards are now shipping to stores in the US and Europe. What's really great about these units is that they come with a bunch of free software pack

Focusrite releases LIQUID SAFFIRE Saffire 56 MixControl Installer
Focusrite has released the Liquid Saffire 56 MixControl Installer. The installers include the Saffire MixControl software, device drivers & snapshot libraries for Saffire PRO 40 and Liquid Saffire 56.

Focusrite unveils the LIQUID 4PRE Mic Preamp
the official worldwide unveiling of what prestigious signal-processing manufacturer Focusrite, consider to be ‘the most flexible four channel pre-amp in history’. Focusrite’s new LIQUID4PRE four-chann

Best Producer Remixer 2007 D. Ramirez secret Focusrite LIQUID Mix
When you absolutely have to destroy the dancefloor, production legend D. Ramirez knows just what it takes: Liquid technology.
For D Ramirez, the awards just keep coming. Best Producer and Remixer o

Focusrite LIQUID MIX 16 EQs, Compressors and Controller
Focusrite's fourth Liquid solution, Liquid Mix 16. Combining the same pool of classic EQ and Compressor emulations with a killer control surface, Liquid Mix 16 brings the sound of the priceless and th

Studio man and Producer Andy Hunter Insists on Focusrite LIQUID
Why take 60 boxes into the studio when there’s one piece of equipment that can do it all – for producer/engineer Andy Hunter the choice is clear…Andy Hunter insists on Liquid technology. Why? “It just

Recording Tom Jones with Focusrite ISA430MkII
Simon Gogerly has worked with some huge artists over the last couple of decades. Recently he was recording the one and only Tom Jones with his trusty Focusrite ISA430MkII: "Everyone was really happy w

Focusrite new ISA-One Microphone Pre-Amplifier
NAMM 2008 sees the unveiling of Focusrite’s new ‘ISA One’ microphone pre-amplifier. ISA One delivers Focusrite's prestigious ISA transformer-based pre amp in a rugged and portable chassis, at a ground

Focusrite ISA828 eight channel A-D converter
By the time the doors open at NAMM 2008, the optional eight-channel A-D converter card for Focusrite’s new ISA828 eight channel pre will be available from all good pro audio stores across the globe. <

Buy ISA428 Online

ISA428Focusrite ISA428 192kHz A/D Card $ 599.95

A/D converter card for ISA 428. Focusrite ISA428 Pre Pack 4-Channel Neve-Style Microphone Pr $ 1699.95

The ISA 428 Pre Pack is the perfect multi-channel front end for any professional DAW. Four classic Focusrite transformer-based pre amps with switchable impedance and direct instrument inputs. An o

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